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Aika Online Trainer +5 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 22-02-2020, 15:49

Shareware MMORPG from the Korean studio Joyimpact.

Anno 2205: Tundra Trainer +5 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 22-02-2020, 11:12

You will discover a unique world, cold to all strangers, which you will not be able to conquer immediately. Build a city where life was previously considered impossible.

Age of Empires 2 HD Trainer +9 []

Upload Date: 22-02-2020, 10:40

An updated version of Age of Empires 2 with support for high resolution (1080p), as well as additional visual effects and improved textures. Age of Empires 2 HD includes a single player campaign from the original game, as well as a campaign from the Conquerors addon.

Warlords 4: Heroes of Etheria Trainer +11 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 22-02-2020, 05:53

Warlords IV is the final part of a series of fantasy turn-based strategy games Warlords. The main spirit of the game has been preserved, however, stupid AI and a very uniform campaign make this game more aimed at multiplayer. Fortunately, there is even the possibility of a joint study of the plot canvas.

Zumba Fitness Rush Trainer +13 []

Upload Date: 22-02-2020, 02:25

Continuation of a series of dance arcades Zumba Fitness, sharpened by motion-controller Kinect.

Airborne Kingdom Trainer +9 []

Upload Date: 21-02-2020, 23:47

Embark on a fantastic journey and build your flying city. Build housing, collect food, meet the needs of residents and develop your tribe. Discover useful resources and explore the desert for lost technology.

XERA: Survival Trainer +14 [FLiNG]

Upload Date: 21-02-2020, 20:47

A multiplayer online game in a post-apocalyptic setting. In a world controlled by humanoid robots, players have to explore the world to find supplies and survive - and not only humanoids, but other players pose a threat.

Wraithslayer Trainer +14 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 21-02-2020, 18:21

The action of Wraithslayer takes place in an abstract horror world where the player tries to defeat a monster known as the Ghost. Dodge the relentless Ghost attacks, collect balls to weaken your enemy, and end this difficult battle.

Arcana Heart Trainer +7 [FLiNG]

Upload Date: 21-02-2020, 14:18

A very good two-dimensional fighting game, which moved to the PlayStation 2 from arcade machines.

Assassins Creed: Syndicate - The Last Maharaja Trainer +7 []

Upload Date: 21-02-2020, 12:22

This time you have to help the former ruler to return some values, and again your interests directly contradict the plans of the Templars. At the same time, you can find out how much the crown trusts you.