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Unreal 2: The Awakening Trainer +13 [FLiNG]

Upload Date: 11-10-2020, 01:41

Continuation of the sensational "Quake 2 killer". The highly anticipated first-person shooter turned out to be so beautiful, so stupid at times. Many enemies came faceless, only one third of the weapons are actually used ... But if you do not pay attention to the rudimentary plot and minor flaws, you can play with pleasure.

Blaster Master Zero Trainer +8 []

Upload Date: 10-10-2020, 14:59

An adventure game with a top and side view, based on the original Blaster Master game from Sunsoft studio. Blaster Master Zero adds new levels, bosses and game mechanics. Improved gameplay, improved ways to explore the world and much more.

Blaster Simulator Trainer +9 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 10-10-2020, 02:55

Blow it, smash it, smash it! Each new level is a building and the area in which it must fit. We arrange the charges and press the button.

Viking Rage Trainer +6 []

Upload Date: 10-10-2020, 01:15

The player will become a severe Viking, ready alone to defend his own people. Crowds of diverse opponents long for the right to exist. In your hands are axes, bow and arrows, a little magic, a crossbow and unmeasured power.

Virtua Fighter Trainer +13 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 9-10-2020, 23:15

A cult fighting game that gave rise to an extremely successful game series.

Ultima Online Trainer +15 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 9-10-2020, 20:52

The famous online RPG. On numerous servers, more than 225,000 people play it in 130 countries. One of the few MMORPGs, the server side of which can be found on the Web.

Unravel Trainer +11 []

Upload Date: 9-10-2020, 07:47

A touching platformer about a knitted kitten named Yarni from the Swedish studio Coldwood Interactive.

Blackguards Trainer +10 [FLiNG]

Upload Date: 8-10-2020, 03:22

Turn-based role-playing strategy in which players have to determine the fate of the whole world. A special piquancy of the plot lies in the fact that the main characters of Blackguards are ordinary bandits. The game has more than 170 unique cards, interconnected by the main quest line, and a set of side quests. The stated duration of the game is approximately 40 hours.

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike Trainer +13 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 7-10-2020, 12:12

Battlefield 2142 mini-addon that adds 3 new maps, a couple of types of vehicles and a new game mode.

Battlecry Trainer +6 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 7-10-2020, 06:03

Multiplayer free-2-play action for 32 players about an alternative to the first world war without firearms.