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AeternoBlade 2 Trainer +9 [FLiNG]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 20:33

The sequel to AeternoBlade, whose events unfold after the first part. Freya and her friends again have to go on a journey and save the world from the impending threat.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Trainer +15 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 18:45

What lies beyond the world you know? The Land of Shadows, a resting place for every mortal soul - virtuous or vile - that has ever lived. Pre-purchase the next World of Warcraft expansion pack and get ready to find out what this world is between worlds.

Ace Combat 3D Trainer +6 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 17:38

The new arcade flight simulator in the popular line, developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Battalion 1944 Trainer +6 []

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 17:10

Historically reliable battles, with associated weapons and ammunition. You can only dive into the terrible times of World War II in infantry battles, the appearance of equipment on the horizon is not expected, another thing is that here you will have something to do. The enemy will need to be tracked down without being ambushed, or else he should take refuge in an inaccessible place and wait for the enemy to appear.

Warhound Trainer +7 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 14:14

Warhound is a Polish shooter powered by all the latest technology in the Chrome engine. We will have to get used to the role of an elite mercenary who is perfectly able to cope with a wide variety of equipment and weapons. In addition, the game will please with non-linearity and developed commodity-money relations.

Wasteland Trainer +6 [MrAntiFan]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 13:51

A post-apocalyptic role-playing game, the events of which take place in 2087, decades after the Third World War.

Ape Escape (2011) Trainer +12 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 10:38

The cult series of arcades telling about the escape of the monkeys finally got to the PlayStation 3. Of course, with support for PS Move.

The Works of Mercy Trainer +15 []

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 09:44

A psychological thriller, the plot of which develops in the midst of mysterious murders, the victims of which, it would seem, are random people. But this time & hellip this player is a killer.

Airport Tycoon Trainer +15 [dR.oLLe]

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 09:07

A very good taikun, offering players to become the airport director.

War of the Immortals Trainer +8 []

Upload Date: 26-02-2020, 03:57

New shareware MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment.